Get your mobile website here

You can get your own mobile website for your business here.

We create simple yet very functional mobile websites to help you make a faster and easier connection to your customer or client. Take a look at the samples and you will see how these sites will get you ahead of the competition in your neighborhood online.

The mobile quick connectivity website includes:

  • Your Logo
  • Information about your business, text, address or any other text
  • The mobile website can be highly customized in style and colour
  • A slider for images
  • Real pressable buttons straight on the page for calling, sending emails, showing them to a map of your physical location, redirecting to your website or linking to any other material online.
  • Social media buttons for easy sharing and liking
  • Google Analytics for visitor stats

How does it work?

Your mobile website will be seamlessly integrated in to your current website and will not demand any third party services. You don’t need to make changes to you current site whatsoever.

After your website has been installed you will be able to easily make changes without knowing anything about coding at all. You can see a graphical representation of your site in real time while making any changes to buttons or content.

We will of course make the entire site for you as part of your order, and can also include some special graphics if needed.

We are working primarily using WordPress, so you will find it easy to familiarize yourself with the worlds most popular and easy to use publishing platform.

In case you are already using WordPress, you site will be simply integrated into you current website.